3 Baby Goats Start Jumping On A Horse – His Reaction Is Priceless


Goats and horses normally co-mingle just fine on farms, but usually they are milling about minding their own business and doing their own thing, but three baby goats had a bit of a different idea when they shared a stable with a beautiful horse called “Mr. G”.

These little kids (yes, that’s what baby goats are called) were playing around -as most goats do. But when one of them sees Mr. G laying down, it decides to climb the mountain-sized mammal.

A little baby goat climbing on a horse? This is how you end up with one less goat…but Mr. G is one of the best-tempered horses ever!

As these three little kids “horse” around on Mr. G’s back, he just sits there patiently! And his true show of patience is INCREDIBLE!

Watch this amazing video below, and prepare to be shocked!

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