3 BIZARRE Gifts Blake Shelton Has Been Given

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Being a celebrity has its perks, but some of these weird and crazy gifts might be considered less of a perk and more of a…well, we will let you decide what to call it.

Country superstar and beloved coach on The Voice, Blake Shelton, has been performing for years – and performing at all types of venues, bringing his signature sound to the masses of country fans!

While the fans loved his music, some of them loved it so much they gave him gifts! But not all gifts are created equal and Blake confesses to some of the strangest ones he’s received since beginning his career.

1. A Toilet Seat

During an interview segment with NBC’s Today Show, the country crooner revealed that he once had been gifted an incredibly unique throne.

Literally, a throne… or also known as a toilet seat. 

Yep, that’s right folks. Someone thought it would be funny to give Shelton a new place to plant his cheeks, but this wasn’t just any old toilet seat, no it was not.

This toilet seat was signed by the one-and-only Earl Thomas Conley who, himself, is a famous country musician as well.

Shelton doesn’t much describe who it came from or what the circumstances were involving delivery and acceptance of this aforementioned toilet seat, nor does he state if he ever asked Conley why he signed it in the first place, but he certainly gives us a chuckle with this fun fact!

2. An Iguana

While playing one of his shows, fans were leaving some gifts and presents on the side of the stage…but one of the gifts had something extra inside.

He confesses he was playing a fair concert during an episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, and that people often left teddy bears or flowers on stage, but there was one person that kept pointing to a paper bag that they then set on the stage.

After the concert, he thanked all his fans and collected the gifts from the stage and took them back to the tour bus.

As he was sitting there, he caught a glimpse of the bag and his curiosity caught the best of him. So, naturally, he decided to open up the paper bag.

Well, he wasn’t prepared for what happened next! After unrolling the bag, an iguana leapt out and landed on his shoulder startling him!

He went on to question if they were just handing out iguanas as prizes at this fair.

3. A Pair Of Minature Donkeys

Again talking to NBC’s Today Show, he revealed the third and final shocking gift from a fan, and maybe we should call this one “gifts” because there was more than one.

Although this country superstar also owns a ranch in Oklahoma, giving him an animal (or two) to house there may be a little much for a gift!

As he tells, the Today Show, someone gifted him not one, but two miniature donkeys.

“That’s not a joke,” He says. “Actual living animals.

What he did with the animals? He doesn’t say, but it’s likely he was able to find someone nearby who welcomed them with open arms…or maybe he kept them!

Watch Shelton’s full interview in the video below!


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