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3 Young Brothers Take Over The Stage With Their Impressive Bluegrass Performance

Earl scruggs Songs | 3 Young Brothers Take Over The Stage With Their Impressive Bluegrass Performance | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Sleepy Man YouTube Channel

Your average child under the age of thirteen is most likely engulfed in the latest video game and essentially being a kid. After all, that's the prime age to embark on the valuable life lessons that will continue to carry you into your adult years. However, it seems as if these three brothers are putting the video games on the back burner and diligently working towards recognition for their incredibly talented musical group, The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys. 

The band name, being very self-explanatory as to what the group showcases, was creatively masterminded by the boys when their youngest brother, the bands focal point, was continuously weighed down by his banjo to the point where he would ultimately play lying on his back with his eyes closed! The humorous image depicted the little boy to be asleep, thus assisting in creation of the original and well-thought name!  

At the time of their buzzing appearance on The David Letterman Show, 13-year old guitar player, Tommy, 12-year-old fiddle player, Robbie, and 9-year-old banjo player, Johnny, stunned the show with their relentless ambition at such a youthful age! Letterman introduced the boys saying,

"Our next guests are an accomplished...bluegrass trio of brothers, none of whom are yet old enough to drive."

Letterman continues to express his surprise to the substantial accomplishments these boys have achieved, also giving them a bit of knowledge by advising "Please don't neglect your studies! I am begging you..." 

The boys casually smirk and delve into a performance of Earl Scruggs' "Flint Hill Special" that is sure to bring you to your feet and marvel at the astonishing skills that these young boys possess! Now much older, the trio has absorbed another member and continues to flabbergast viewers and fans! 

Give their remarkable performance a listen!

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