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8-Year-Old Johnny Mizzone Kills It With Mind-Blowing, Banjo Solo!!! (WATCH)

Sleepy man banjo boys Songs | 8-Year-Old Johnny Mizzone Kills It With Mind-Blowing, Banjo Solo!!! (WATCH) | Country Music Videos
This little boy has the ability to give us chills, and it's actually kind of impressive!

This video is from 2011, and it's definitely something you've never seen before: kids giving a mind-blowing, acoustic, bluegrass performance.

Johnny Mizzone (now 12-years-old), is a force to be reckoned with, and it looks like he's not even trying!

The simple performance features Johnny, in what looks to be his room, and his brother Robbie (now 17) accompanies him on the fiddle!

Johnny's other older brother, Tommy (now 18), sits besides Johnny's bed playing the guitar!

The three brothers make up a wild group, "Sleepy Man Banjo Boys", and they're definitely a sight for sore eyes!

It's nice to see a folk band made up of talented boys, all so very young, with so much life left to experience!

Check out this mind-blowing performance, and see for yourself raw, home-grown talent!
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