Elvis Presley’s Fiancee, Ginger, Describes His Final Days In Rare, Emotional Interview

Elvis Presley’s Fiancee, Ginger, Describes His Final Days In Rare, Emotional Interview | Country Music Videos

Ready your tissues, y’all, because this interview will definitely bring a tear to your eye. Ginger Alden, Elvis‘ final fiancee, goes into detail on TODAY about his final days, divulging new information about the most famous man in the world that’ll surely pull at your heartstrings.

Elvis Presley proposed to Ginger Alden just eight months before he passed away. They met by chance when she was just twenty at Graceland. When asked what it was like to step into Elvis’ life, Ginger said, “He was a magical, magical person. I mean, he had this ability to draw you into his world, whether it be through his spiritual studies or his music. He just definitely had a gift and was such a charismatic person. When he entered a room, you just felt that energy.”

Ginger goes on to defend Elvis when it comes to him seeming overweight and unhappy in his last days. “Elvis was looking forward to so many things. He wanted to do more films, more music, wanted to get married, wanted to have children. And I wrote in my book about how he would over-salt his foods and at times he would appear more puffy and bloated, if you want to call it that on camera. He was never fat. I used to get aggravated when people would say he was fat. I thought he was a handsome man; he just wasn’t twenty anymore.

With tears forming in her eyes, Ginger talks about finding Elvis on his final day, describing how it still gets to her today. She states that he had taken two sleep packets before bed, which was a medication that was prescribed to him for his insomnia. She isn’t sure if those played a role in his passing because his death was confirmed to be caused by a heart attack, and his doctors sometimes gave him placebos.

This interview is definitely a must-see. It really gives insight into Elvis behind the scenes and just how much Ginger meant to him and vis versa. Elvis is still missed to this day and even though he feared that he someday would be forgotten, that’s just an impossibility. 


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