Uncle Si Tries His Hand At Water Aerobics And It’s Hilarious!

Uncle Si is interested in getting fit, and water aerobics is Jep’s last resort in finding something that Si is willing to do in the gym. But there are a few hiccups, like most things that Si is involved with. As they go to read the rules of the pool, there’s one sign that makes Si do a double take. 

Funny enough, it’s not the “No Shaving” rule that Uncle Si is stumped. It seems Uncle Si can’t remember the last time he went 14 days without having diarrhea. And to make it funnier, neither can Miss Kay. To make it funnier, once Jep and Si are in the pool, Uncle Si wants to do nothing but swim around and “motor boat” as Miss Kay calls it. 

The video is good ole Duck Dynasty fun and shouldn’t be missed!

Check it out below. 

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