Blake Shelton Plays Unpopular Disney Character In This Hilarious Never-Before-Seen SNL Skit!

Saturday Night Live

Everybody knows that Blake Shelton is the reigning funny guy in country music. He’s never afraid to play a prank, make fun of his friends, or laugh at himself. 

In this un-aired skit, which was cut from the live show for time, from Blake’s most recent Saturday Night Live appearance, he channels his inner-Disney prince. 

The hilarious skit takes place at Disneyland where Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is taking pictures with theme-park goers.  There is a huge line of people waiting for him and when they find out who is replacing him when he takes his break, they are disappointed.

Out walks a blonde Blake Shelton acting as John Smith from Pocahontas and immediately, no one is interested in meeting “Jamestown’s most famous settler”. He starts spitting out information about himself and the line dwindles down!

John Smith is, apparently, not a fan favorite! College-aged Andy from Toy Story and the wife who dies at the beginning of Up stop by to rub their popularity in his face!  

“John Smith” does not handle this well and says he is just going to get drunk and ride Space Mountain! That sounds like something Blake Shelton would actually do!

Watch the funny clip below!

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