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This Baby Miniature Horse Is The Most Adorable Creature You'll Ever Lay Eyes On!

Animals Songs | This Baby Miniature Horse Is The Most Adorable Creature You'll Ever Lay Eyes On! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Sterling Bartow YouTube Channel

Can you imagine a horse no bigger than your average household dog? Miniature horses are currently taking the equine world by storm with thousands currently in existence that are small enough to carry. 

The mini-horse is only 3 days old and is about the size of a household dog with the spirit of a puppy. The foal eagerly trots around the arena chasing her trainer. The baby horse's mother, Grace, watches hesitantly from the sideline making sure her new son doesn't get hurt. 

These pint-size horses have been bred and registered under the Miniature Horse Association since the founding of the organization back in 1978 when the demand for horses small enough to work in coal mines boomed. 

Minis typically reach no more than 34 inches in height by the time they are five years old and typically live a third longer than full size horses. 

You can watch the too-cute-for-words video that will leave you in a puddle on the floor below! 

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