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10 Reasons Why You'll Hate The Plants That Cover Texas Hill Country

Texas hill country Songs | 10 Reasons Why You'll Hate The Plants That Cover Texas Hill Country | Country Music Videos

Texas Hill Country is blanketed in numerous different species of plant life that are just too good to be true. Looking at some of these photographs, the only thing that comes to mind is: no way, that can't be real! It must be photoshopped, right?

But those who reside in the hill country know all too well that it is indeed flourishing with rich and vivid colored plants and just teeming with life.

That being said, here are ten reasons why you'll absolutely "hate" the hill country plant life. Isn't it just so bland and boring?

1. There is absolutely no color.

Photo Credit: Zippo via

2. There's a huge shortage of wildflowers. 

Photo Credit: Rob Greebon via

3. Everything is just so monotone.

Photo Credit:

4. Don't get us started on the shrubs.

Photo Credit:

5. And the cacti? They're only good for one thing, and it's not beauty! 

Photo Credit: Nan Burnam via

6. There is absolutely nothing for the herbivores to eat. How do they survive?

Photo Credit: Express-News File Photo via

7. There are no species native to the hill country.

Photo Credit:

8. The plants lack any sort of fragrance. 

Photo Credit:

9. Nothing is edible to the human inhabitants.

Photo Credit: Benny Simpson via

10. Overall, it just really isn't much to look at.

Photo Credit:

So, what do you think? 

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