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Alan Robertson (The 'Beardless Brother') Opens Up About His Difficult Childhood In Rare Interview

Phil robertson Songs | Alan Robertson (The 'Beardless Brother') Opens Up About His Difficult Childhood In Rare Interview | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: (Left) YouTube via The Christian Broadcasting Network / (Right)

Duck Dynasty's 'beardless brother' opens up about his childhood, and it sure is emotional!

Before the fame and fortune, the Robertson's were just your average family. 

But there were some bumps along the road... 

The oldest of the four Robertson boys, Alan Robertson, vividly remembers the struggles they went through as children. 

In this rare and emotional interview with The Christian Broadcasting Network, Alan opens up about the broken family he once had, and the struggles they overcame to become the close knit group they are today.

He speaks about a time where his father had lost his faith in the Lord, and asked his family to move out. Alan says, 

It was all of us, and dad had decided that we were just basically cramping his lifestyle. And he was not living for the Lord obviously, he was living for himself, and so he asked us all to leave and we did. We were living about an hour north of where we are now ... And like a lot of broken families, we had very little and a difficult time, and so it was very hard on us and hard on the family.

Alan explains how his father found God again, and the family slowly came back together. In a twist of events, during his teenage years, Alan says he "went off the pale". His father then kicked him out, and Alan describes his experience as, "I went out, found my way, and came back home".

Alan then began devoting his life to the Lord, becoming a preacher, and the loving father, son and husband he is today.

This story has such a happy ending, God bless the Robertson family

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