Gutsy Little Boy Dances Like No One Is Watching, And It’s Hilarious

Gutsy Little Boy Dances Like No One Is Watching, And It’s Hilarious | Country Music Videos

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This young boy does what most of us wish we had the courage to do, and that is to dance like no one is watching.

There is always that one song for everyone. You know what we’re talking about, right? That one, single, solitary song that we can’t help but dance to. Well, for this kid, it’s the always-popular song “Cuban Pete“. 

And this kid has some moves. He busts out some salsa and rumba, just like Jim Carrey does in The Mask during a very similar dance number. Perhaps this boy has seen the movie a few times? We wouldn’t be surprised. He definitely gives Jim Carrey a run for his money. He does do a cartwheel, after all.



People are obviously enjoying his surprise performance just as much as he is. The applause is well-deserved. After you’ve finished watching the talented kid’s performance a dozen or so times, throw back to Jim Carrey’s dance number below. It’s definitely worth the time.

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