7 Times Brantley Gilbert Was A Badass

7 Times Brantley Gilbert Was A Badass | Country Music Videos

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The second you look at Brantley Gilbert you know he’s a badass.

Could it be all the tattoos? Could it be the signature backwards hat or his beard? It is, in fact, all of those things, but it is also because he’s genuinely a badass person.

His music is also pretty edgy for country music and he is unapologetically himself at all times. We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 times he proved his badassery. Keep scrolling to take a look! 

1. When He Got The Second Amendment Tattooed On His Back

As you can see, Brantley is pretty much covered in tattoos, but one of his tattoos made headlines when he first revealed it in May 2015.

The word “Amendment” is written above two large guns with the text of the Second Amendment.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,” it reads.

I wanted to take my support of the 2nd amendment to another level,” he captioned the photo.

2. When His Wife Got Him A ‘Badass Anniversary Present’

Now this is a badass anniversary present. My awesome wife gave me a Polaris ATV….

A post shared by Brantley Gilbert (@brantleygilbert) on

His caption says it all! Celebrating their one year anniversary, Brantley’s wife, Amber, gifted him with a Polaris ATV, which Brantley himself called “badass.”

3. When He Did A Backflip During A Concert

By now we know that Brantley is way more athletic than we thought! We’ve already seen him do a backflip in a video on social media, but this time he did it live in front of a huge audience!

His back is facing the crowd and he’s on a platform, which is being lifted in the air. All of a sudden, he does a backflip and the crowd screams! He lands it, of course, but gave his fans a heart attack. Truly a badass move.

4. When He Taught His Godson How To Shoot A Gun

In a video he shared to his Facebook page, Brantley introduces a little boy named Cam, who just so happens to be his godson.

“We’re trainin’ them young out here! We’re gonna make a little somethin’ go ‘boom boom’,” he says.

Cam lines up his shot and yells, “Fire in the hole!”

Seconds later, he shoots the gun and a cloud of smoke appears in the distance! Whatever he was aiming for, he got!

5. When He Jammed With One Of The Most Famous Bands Of All Time

Thanks to CMT Crossroads, Brantley Gilbert and rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd joined forces for a few epic performances of each of their hits. Brantley’s gritty voice was a perfect match for Skynyrd’s style!

Watch them perform “Sweet Home Alabama” in the video above.

6. When He Donated $10.5 Million To Toys For Tots

Christmas 2015 was a special one for Brantley. He was by no means a struggling artist anymore and was fortunate enough to be able to give a good cause quite a lot of money. 10. 5 million dollars to be exact.

The “Country Must Be Country Wide” singer teamed up with Bendon, Inc., a children’s book company, to make the donation to the charitable organization.

“Growing up in rural Georgia, I know that sometimes Christmas isn’t a time of joy for some kids,” he said. “Our contribution might be all they receive this year so I really wanted our donation to matter.”

He’s got a huge heart and that is most definitely badass.

7. Every Time He Ever Supports Our Military

Brantley’s support for our nation’s military is incredible.

One particular story we love is when he teamed up with the Wounded Warrior Project to start an event called The Rolling Odyssey, a motorcycle ride from Houston to Baton Rouge and back.

During the ride, he became friends with a Wounded Warrior named Justin Patterson. Brantley was so moved by his story that he gifted Justin with his rosary, which meant so much to Justin.

To thank him for what he’s doing for the military, Justin gave Brantley his purple heart, which moved both of these big, tough guys to tears.

They have continued their friendship and often call each other out on social media.

Watch the incredible moment in the video above.

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