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Jason Michael Carroll’s Heartbreaking Song, ‘Alyssa Lies’, Sheds Light On Child Abuse

Jason michael carroll Songs | Jason Michael Carroll’s Heartbreaking Song, ‘Alyssa Lies’, Sheds Light On Child Abuse | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: (Left) Coutnry Music Association via i40films YouTube Channel

Every once in a while, a song comes along that sticks in your mind forever.

Jason Michael Carroll’s “Alyssa Lies” is one of those songs.  

Released in 2006 as the first single from Carroll’s debut album Waitin’ In The Country, “Alyssa Lies” was written by Carroll himself. 

In an interview with CMT in 2007, Carroll said he was inspired to write “Alyssa Lies” after he read a poem by one of his friends that centered on the subject of child abuse

“It really struck a nerve. I thought about writing it, and then I tried to put it out of my head. Two days later, I turned on the TV and saw a story on the news about [child abuse]. I said ‘well, two times in two days, I’m definitely supposed to write this song.’"

It took Carroll a year and a half to write “Alyssa Lies” for his album, saying that he found the process to be so emotional that he actually developed migraines while writing it. 

The song tells the story of a little girl who meets another girl named Alyssa, who is suffering from abuse. Any time someone asks Alyssa about her marks and bruises, she lies.

The little girl tells her dad, the narrator of the story, about Alyssa, and he decides to report the abuse. However, the next day he discovers that he was too late to save Alyssa.

Alyssa Lies” is an emotional song on its own, but the music video adds a whole new level of sadness. The video opens with a teacher asking his students to listen to the song and write a journal about it. After that, the camera pans to a television at the front of the room, where the video for “Alyssa Lies” starts playing.

Keep a box of tissues nearby, because you’re going to need them after you watch this very emotional video.


My little girl met a new friend
Just the other day
On the playground at school
Between the tires and the swings
But she came home with tear-filled eyes
And she said to me "Daddy, Alyssa Lies"

I just brushed it off at first
Cause I didn't know how much my little girl had been hurt
Or the things she had seen
I wasn't ready when I said you can tell me
And she said

Alyssa Lies
To the classroom
Alyssa lies
Everyday at school
Alyssa lies
To the teachers
As she tries to cover every bruise

My little girl laid her head down
That night to go to sleep
As I stepped out the room I heard her say
A prayer so soft and sweet
God bless my mom and my dad
And my new friend Alyssa
I know she needs you bad

I had the worst night of sleep in years
As I tried to think of a way to calm her fears
I knew exactly what i had to do
But when we got to school on Monday I heard the news

My little girl asked me why everybody looked so sad
The lump in my throat grew bigger
With every question that she asked
Until I felt the tears run down my face
And I told her that Alyssa wouldn't be at school today

She doesn't lie
In the classroom
She doesn't lie
Anymore at school
Alyssa lies
With Jesus
Because there's nothing anyone would do

Tears filled my eyes,
When my little girl asked me why Alyssa lies

Daddy tell me why
Alyssa lies


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