15 Fried Foods That Will SHOCK You!

15 Fried Foods That Will SHOCK You! | Country Music Videos

Fried foods are popular everywhere, but there are some unique twists on frying you probably haven’t seen or heard of yet!

1. Fried Bubble Gum (Texas)
A complete dessert of bubblegum-flavored marshmallows dipped in batter, fried, and covered with icing and sugar. Usually with an added bit of Chiclets for color and flavor.

Photo Credit: Collin Harvey

2. Fried Scorpions (Arizona)
An American twist on a Chinese delicacy. Battered and fried for some crunchy snacks.

Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com

3. Fried Alligator On A Stick (Illinois)
A favorite among fair-goers, the meat is deep-fried and skewered. According to locals, it tastes like pork. 


4. Fried Kool-Aid (California)
It’s like a donut-hole made from flour, water, and Kool-Aid. Delicious? 

Photo Credit: kitchenette.jezebel.com

5. Fried Beer (Texas)
So similar to it’s more colorful cousin, this savory snack is often served with cheese. Basically, it’s a deep fried pretzel-dough ravioli pocket with beer poured inside. 

Photo Credit: Stacy Higgins

6. Fried Tarantula (Cambodia)
A regional delicacy in this country, these leggy treats are so popular they are even served in vending machines! The spiders are first frozen, then dipped into a tempura batter and deep-fried. 

Photo Credit: eborg2.com

7. Fried Turkey (New York)
Using a pressurized fryer, the turkey comes out with a super crispy, golden-brown skin and remarkably tender, juicy meat. 

Photo Credit: Jive Turkey

8. Fried Butter (Wisconsin/Iowa)
As described. Take one stick, wrap it in batter, and toss in a fryer. Served up hot with a variety of dipping sauces. 

Photo Credit: FoodMeOmaha

9. Deep Fried Coca-Cola (Texas)
Starting with frozen Coca-Cola-flavored batter, tossed in a fryer, and delivered to your table with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar. 

Photo Credit: Stephen Witherden

10. Fried Salsa (Texas)
Some down-south classic salsa, mixed with masa (cornmeal), and rolled in crushed tortilla chips. Fried and served with cheese. 

Photo Credit: bigtex.com

11. Fried Flowers (Thailand)
Traditionally, orchids, roses, and bougainvillea are dipped in a light egg batter and fried. The taste is said to be very similar to squash. 


12. Fried Pie (Georgia)
Peach pies are most common, but you can usually find a variety of flavors. Instead of baked, these bites are sealed in their crust and dropped in hot oil. 

Photo Credit: Marcus Nilsson

13. Deep Fried Macaroni-and-Cheese (Midwest America)
Cold mac ‘n cheese is rolled into lumps and lightly battered. After its dunk in a hot fryer, you get gooey savory cheese balls.

Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com

 14. Fried Salad (Texas)
Take a salad, wrap it in a spinach tortilla, and fry it up. Serve with ranch. That’s a hot salad. 

Photo Credit: affotd.com

15. Chicken-fried Bacon (Texas)
Salty pieces of bacon dipped in a hearty batter and fried up super crispy. 

Photo Credit: Kevin Brown

What’s your favorite food to fry!?

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