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NO Sweet Tea??! Everyday Struggles Only Southerners Understand (HILARIOUS)

Duck dynasty Songs | NO Sweet Tea??! Everyday Struggles Only Southerners Understand (HILARIOUS) | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube: BuzzFeedYellow

If you're from the South, you'll get it. Whenever anyone moves to a new state or different part of the country, there are going to be subtle culture shocks. But when you're born and raised Southern style, it's a whole new ballgame.

This hilarious video pokes fun at the everyday struggles people from the south experience when they've relocated. Is it even possible for someone not to know what sweet tea is? You bet.

They go into detail about daily encounters in dating, restaurants, communication, sports (yes, NASCAR is a sport), and even stereotypes. There are so many to touch on, but these are definitely most noticeable! 

Even though it may be a little exaggerated, Buzzfeed did a great job capturing the essence of being a Southerner. Even a mention of Duck Dynasty made the cut!

See if you can relate by watching the video below! 

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