Adorable Bunny Herds Sheep?! This is TOO CUTE!

Sheep-herding and dogs usually go hand in hand, but not in this case. 

Meet the world’s one and only sheep-herding…. bunny!

After a long winter, Greta Vigren let her sheep out for the first time to graze in the sun, and that’s when she saw something very interesting. 

Greta noticed her 5-year-old dwarf rabbit, Champis, behaving like the family’s dog and herding the sheep! 

According to the Huffington Post, Greta said of her herding bunny,  

He just started to behave like a sheepdog. He’s like a king for the whole group. He thinks he rules over both the sheep and the hens. He has a very big ego.

And boy, is he good! Champis is better than most dogs when it comes to herding sheep! 

In the video below, y’all can see Champis at work. The adorable bunny hops around the fenced-in pen making sure his sheep stay together and don’t get loose. 

Dan Westman, who captured the video of Champis, also spoke about the talented rabbit. He couldn’t believe his eyes, and said, 

It’s really incredible, it’s a herding rabbit. He rounds them up, and if they get close to escaping through the gate he sometimes stops them.I mean I work with sheepdogs and know how hard this is. There are very few dogs that could do what this rabbit does.

Y’all have to see it to believe it! 

Check out the herding rabbit, Champis, in the video below!

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