Luke Bryan Teaches Best Buddy Willie Robertson How To ‘Shake It’ Like A Pro

Luke Bryan Teaches Best Buddy Willie Robertson How To ‘Shake It’ Like A Pro | Country Music Videos

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Luke Bryan has made it his tradition to teach his fans how to “shake it” whenever he performs his hit song “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” on tour. Bryan will even bring fans up on stage to give them a personal dance lesson in front of the entire crowd. 

During one particular concert in 2014 in Bossier City, Louisiana, Bryan chose to invite an extremely famous fan of his on stage, none other than his good friend and Louisiana native, Willie Robertson

After Bryan performs the beginning of “Shake It,” Robertson makes his appearance on stage around the 2:33 mark in a video from the performance. He can be seen mimicking Bryan, shaking his hips as the crowd cheers like wild.

Bryan brings Robertson up front and center, and asks “you ready to give it to ’em?

Robertson proves that yes, he is ready, copying all of Bryan’s moves to a tee and getting down low to the ground as he shakes his hips.

As Bryan moves around the stage and starts singing again, Robertson keeps dancing, sometimes throwing in a few moves of his own style.

After Robertson’s big finish, Bryan can’t help but give his buddy a high-five for “shaking it” like a pro.

Watch the video of Bryan teaching Robertson how to “shake it” in the video below.

We never would have guessed that Robertson could dance like that!

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