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Mom Comes Home To Find 5-Yr-Old Cuddling A Baby Cow...IN THE HOUSE

Mom Comes Home To Find 5-Yr-Old Cuddling A Baby Cow...IN THE HOUSE | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube via Billie Jo Decker

Billie Jo Decker couldn't figure out where the cow was....until she looked inside...

Five-year-old Brennan thought that it was too cold for the cow to be outside. With the ice and snow and such, she just had to bring the baby calf inside to warm up. 

When mom, Billie, caught a glimpse of this, she would have been absolutely furious that the barnyard buddy was loose inside their home, but that's when she saw how much little Brennan loved the cow. And the cow feels the same way!

"Do you want to go over with me how she got in here?" Billie asked Brennan, "You just let her in, I know you did."

What was her explanation for how the cow got inside? "The door was open when I was looking out...and I was looking out that way...and the door was open...and her was in here." The little girl responded, unsure. 

Well, right following that, she saunters on over to the cow and pets her, then curls up right next to her fuzzy friend! The cow responds by resting her head sweetly on the little girls lap. 

Billie Jo just couldn't get enough of these two fast friends and you won't be able to either! 

Check out the video below to see it for yourself!

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