Hilarious Hunting Stereotypes Will Have Y’all In Stitches

Hilarious Hunting Stereotypes Will Have Y’all In Stitches | Country Music Videos

YouTube via Dude Perfect


If you’ve ever been hunting (which is most of us) you’ll get one or most of these stereotypes in an instant, AND you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing! 

When you go hunting, there’s always that ONE guy…the one that does something absurd, obnoxious, or confusing to the rest of the group. We all have those friends…and we are all that friend to someone!

The fellas over at Dude Perfect perfectly imitate nearly every hunting stereotype that you can think of (and probably even some you can’t)!

Even if you don’t hunt, each of these situations will have you laughing from their creative humor!

Check out Dude Perfect’s awfully funny and awfully true video below! 

And if you’re a fisherman…check out their fishing stereotypes here!

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