This Man Yells ‘Who’s Hungry?!’ Who Answers Will Blow You Away!

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We’re assuming this is a daily ritual.

A man walked out on his porch one cold morning to see if the herd of deer he has trained were hungry. 

Lo and behold, they were! He whistles for them, and slowly but surely about 10 deer start walking towards his house! And they are a good distance away!

Not only is he going to feed them, he demands organization! He tells them, “Single file. Don’t rush. Don’t hit anybody.”

As the deer make their way to his back porch, he goes to get the food, and sees one of the deer along the way. “Oh, hi, Lumpy. Your friends are comin’,” he tells one of them.

Clearly, he has a personal relationship with this herd of deer and feeds them on a regular basis, but that doesn’t make it any less incredible! Just by whistling and asking “Who’s hungry?” they come running!

Watch the amazing video below!

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