You’ll Never Believe What The ‘Ranting Cowboy’ Compares Twenty Dollars To!

Chad Prather via YouTube

Chad Prather is a TV personality, a YouTube inspiration, a cowboy, and most importantly… “Unapologetically Southern.

He’s more often called the “Ranting Cowboy” and he is full of good ideas, rants and advice. Ideas, rants and advice he likes to share on his YouTube page.

Most recently, the Texas native shared a very special video about self-worth to his YouTube page. In the video below, Prather uses a $20 bill to explain self-worth. It sounds crazy, but after listening to his “rant” we’re sure you’ll understand.

He begins with, 

There’s a lot of you out there today who are dealing with issues of self-wroth. You don’t feel very good about yourself simply because the things you’ve been through, the things you’ve done and the things that have been done to you. 

He offers viewers a $20 bill, asking them, “would you take it?

Prather then explains that although the bill has probably been used for good, it may also have been used for bad. He says, maybe it was used to purchase drugs, to fund a bad cause, or maybe caused a death.

He says, “If this $20 bill could think and had a mind, it might have a bad conscience.” 

But then he asks again, “Do you still want it? Of course you do, because no matter what’s been done to it or with it, it’s still worth 20 bucks.

The “Ranting Cowboy” then rips up the bill and “scars” it, making it seem less valuable. But despite all that was done to the bill, it still has value, he explains. 

He says it is the same for people, “No matter what you’ve been through, no matter what you’ve done, you still have worth. It’s built into you, and you need to remember that.” 

We can all relate to this. We all have things in our past that maybe we would change, but despite our past, it has made us who we are today.

He asks us to remember this every day, and remind ourselves of our self-worth. The “Ranting Cowboy” sure is an inspiration! 

Check out the video below, and we’re sure it will bring a smile to your face.

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