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Hilarious Driving Stereotypes With Dale Earnhardt Jr. Will Have Y'all Laughing Out Loud!

Dude perfect Songs | Hilarious Driving Stereotypes With Dale Earnhardt Jr. Will Have Y'all Laughing Out Loud! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Dude Perfect YouTube Channel

Driving is such a necessary and routine part of our lives that we hardly think about it after we're done with each trip. As with any activity, there are a handful of driving "stereotypes", but since driving is an everyday activity, these stereotypes often go unrecognized. 

Well, the guys at Dude Perfect have finally pointed out the driving stereotypes that you've always seen, but have never paid full attention to

As the Dude Perfect guys point out, we've all seen these stereotypes before, whether it be from the passenger's seat, or even in ourselves as drivers. You may also see some of these driving stereotypes in those you share the road with, who serve as the cause of frustration and road rage.

With the help of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., the Dude Perfect guys leave no stone unturned when exposing the many different driving stereotypes.

Just a few of the many stereotypes the guys point out are "Mr. Lives In His Car," "The Dog Lady," "The Backseat Driver," and of course, "The Rage Monster."

Do you or any of your friends fit Dude Perfect's driving stereotypes? Find out in the video below! 

We guarantee you'll be unable to control your laughter while watching this video, because these stereotypes are too true and too funny!

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