He Cuts A HUGE Pile Of Firewood In Seconds And You Won’t Believe How!

He Cuts A HUGE Pile Of Firewood In Seconds And You Won’t Believe How! | Country Music Videos

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The internet is filled with all different kinds of “life hacks“, but this one takes “hack” to a whole new level!

This man needed lots of firewood, but didn’t want to cut all the wood with an axe. So, he came up with the next best thing – a homemade wood splitter! 

This wood splitter is incredible and cuts wood so fast! He can easily get 8 pieces of wood in just a few seconds! He starts out with a large piece of the tree trunk, splits it in half with the splitter, then slices even smaller pieces. 

He then puts the chopped wood on a conveyer belt, which dumps in it a pile. As you can see in the video, he has cut A LOT of wood! And he did it all in just a few minutes!

Whoever is filming really wants you to get the sense of how to make the machine yourself because they slowly show each and every part of the wood splitter, especially the motor. It’s so cool! 

In the comments on the YouTube video, the user says the motor is made from “a baler gearbox/fly wheel with the crank cut back to a 12inch stroke.

How’s that for efficiency?! Watch the impressive video below!

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