Little Girl Sneaks Pet Cow In The House. Her Mom’s Reaction? Priceless!

Little Girl Sneaks Pet Cow In The House. Her Mom’s Reaction? Priceless! | Country Music Videos

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It’s normal for kids to try and pull off something sneaky when their parents aren’t looking. But one little girl went above and beyond to sneak her best friend into the house when her mom’s back was turned.

The only problem? Her friend just so happens to be a cow! 

When the little girl’s mom walked into the house, she discovered her daughter had let their pet cow, Izzy onto their indoor porch. As Izzy rested on the floor, the little girl tried to come up with a story to explain her appearance in the house.

At first, the little girl claimed Izzy just snuck in when she opened the door to peek outside, but when her mom didn’t buy that story she tried a different one. This time she said Izzy had went to the bathroom and she was cleaning it up, and while she did Izzy just snuck inside. 

That story didn’t work on her mom either, so the little girl decided to play on her mom’s sympathy. She ran over to Izzy and grabbed her leg, horrified to discover that she was bleeding. The little girl’s mom tried to reassure her that Izzy would be ok, but the little girl still acted concerned and asked her mom to get a blanket for her friend.

For the longest time, the little girl’s mom tried so hard not to laugh, but at this point she couldn’t help but chuckle at the whole circumstance. It’s amazing how calm and patient she was with her little girl, considering that most moms would freak out if they saw a cow in their house!

The most adorable part of the video comes when the little girl got down on the floor with Izzy and snuggled with her. Izzy, perfectly content, closed her eyes and fell asleep cuddled up next to her friend.

This is so special, you have no idea how special this is,” said her mom. 

We agree, it was definitely something special! You can watch the adorable and hilarious moment in the video below.

In an update the little girl’s mom included on the video since it was first posted, she said that Izzy is now two years old, “and loving life.” With such an adorable, funny little girl as her friend, we fully believe that!

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