Carrie Underwood’s Fitness Secrets Leaked

Carrie Underwood’s Fitness Secrets Leaked | Country Music Videos (Left), (Right)

Amid the flurry of award shows, stars have been busting their backs on workout routines that are both grueling and appear to be almost a form of torture, but one trainer reveals it doesn’t have to be that painful.

Erin Oprea is the personal trainer to many stars, and a good number of them are in country music. Some of her current clients include Carrie Underwood, Lee Ann Womack and Hillary Lindsey.

Her clients are under an immense amount of pressure to look positively stunning on the red carpet (Carrie looked amazing at the Grammys) and has now turned her black book of fitness secrets into a real book!

Oprea reveals that her celebrity clients have been working hard toward their goals by “clean eating, watching sodium, watching starches” and “hammering down on the cheat meals, cutting back, and buckling down.”

The training mogul opened up to ET about real-world tips for dropping pounds, shedding belly fat, and getting your energy levels at their peak.

1. Use A Fitness-Tracking Device or Pedometer

“A lot of people don’t realize how sedentary they are,” Oprea tells the publication. “Our bodies are built to move.” She also says that too little movement causes pain, which in turn makes people less likely to move more and ends up in a horrible cycle.

2. Get Rid Of Late-Night Carbs

Oprea says evidence of late-night-starching is feeling puffy, heaving, and having low energy in the morning. Her recommendation is to eat your starches early so it will give you energy during the day. At dinnertime, replace pasta, rice, and potatoes for leaner protein (like poultry) and vegetables.

3. The Sodium Has To Go

People often complain of their progress stalling toward the end of their goal and the fitness guru says it’s probably due to salt. She notes that reading the labels on all your food will give you a better idea of your sodium intake and suggests picking up the “no sodium added” version of products. Her advice is to limit intake at 1,500-2,000mg of sodium per day.

4. Try Different Spices

Oprea suggests adding “cilantro, garlic powder, onion powder, or paprika” to meals to help flavor them and reduce sodium. If you choose to have a dash of salt, her recommendation is Morton’s “Light Salt”. The fitness star is also a fan of Mrs. Dash brand seasonings and says “they are my favorite.”

5. Schedule Your Booze

Awareness that cutting out alcohol completely is not practical, Oprea recommends making a plan of attack. “If you’re trying to have two drinks a week, and you know you have five events a week, which ones do you really want to drink at?” Unsurprisingly, Oprea says that sugary drinks and heavy beers are a no-go for people trying to change their body.

6. Be Flexible About Exercising

In line with her clients who double as parents, the trainer says that you should utilize down time in between events and schedules. She suggests bringing a jump rope with you and doing some high-intensity reps to maximize burn in a limited time.

Oprea expands on all of these super-helpful topics in her new book and we are certain it’s a great read!

Let us know how your fitness goals for 2016 are coming along in the comments and what steps from above you already follow!

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