Baby Horse’s Massive Sneeze Hilariously Lands Him On His Butt

Baby Horse’s Massive Sneeze Hilariously Lands Him On His Butt | Country Music Videos

Sammi Hill/ Youtube


This is the cutest thing you will see all day!

Taking place only a few hours after to his birth, an adorable baby horse hysterically fell on his butt following a massive sneeze.

The baby stood near his mother and his nose began to twitch and he was soon faced with a new concept. The little horse let out a loud sneeze, causing him to lose his balance and launch himself backwards.

As if falling on his bottom wasn’t funny enough, this filly tumbled onto his back and deeply pondered what had just transpired. The mother horse, as all mothers do, inspected her baby before deeming him unharmed. The woman present for the tumble was beside herself, giggling at the adorable occurrence that she were fortunately quick enough to catch on camera.

The camerawoman’s daughter was audibly upset, asking her mom if she thought the baby needed help. But everything was a-okay!

Be sure to enjoy a bit of the laughter below by checking out the recording!

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