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Bad Ass Cowboy Takes Pumpkin Carving To New Extreme With Colt .45

Bad Ass Cowboy Takes Pumpkin Carving To New Extreme With Colt .45 | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Hickok45 YouTube Channel

This old cowboy may have just revamped the way us gun-handling folk take on the tedious task of carving our Halloween pumpkins! Youtuber Hickok45, known for the plethora of gun testing and review videos showcasing his incredible knowledge and shooting skills, gave viewers by far the most exhilarating pumpkin carving video on the internet wielding tools that stray from your average "carving kit". 

Standing directly next to a hollowed out pumpkin, our man of the hour opens up his act with a comical joke.

"A lot of you are still trying to carve your pumpkin with a knife. I really just don't understand that. I mean, knives are just too big," he explains, casually pulling a monstrous and uncomfortably intimidating knife from the far back of his belt! At this point, we aren't more than 15 seconds in and we already know we're set for one hell of a video! 

"I think a long, long time ago the cowboys got that one figured out," he continues as he fastens his ear protection and firmly grasps a pair of nickel Colt .45 calibers! 

Walking a few feet away form his festive, orange target, the cowboy begins to shoot various holes into the pumpkin, having a striking resemblance to a smiley face! Talk about keeping your hands clean! 

"That'll do!"

Nothing says "Don't try your tricks on me" like a gunshot pumpkin! I'd hate to piss off this old man! Check out the video below but definitely don't try this at home! 

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