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Bizarre Chicken Riding The Vacuum Will Have You Howling

Bizarre Chicken Riding The Vacuum Will Have You Howling | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Rumble/ViralHog

This bird knows what time it is - it's time to clean house! 

Not many people would be content letting a chicken inside their house for fear that the fowl would make a mess, but apparently in the land down under - chickens sometimes do the opposite. 

This hilariously bizarre video was uploaded by a user in Melbourne, Australia of their chicken, Goldie, who decided that the floors were a bit dirty and would not stand for it any longer. 

According to Goldie's owner, they flipped on the Roomba vacuum and Goldie hopped right on, taking a ride around he house back and forth past the camera.

You can see her ride it forwards, backwards, standing up, sitting down making sure that the floor is cleaner than before she strutted into the house. 

"Goldie decided to do the vacuuming today," They said about the video. "This is a montage. Floor cleanliness is a 7/10."

With a rating that high, this is one clean bird! 

Check out Goldie and her sparkling cleaning skills in the video below!

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