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Bizarre Man Finds Out He Can Herd Cows...Just By Burping

Viral content Songs | Bizarre Man Finds Out He Can Herd Cows...Just By Burping | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube/Yanagi19871

In what is easily one of the strangest (and most hilarious) videos you will ever see, a young man discovered a new way to herd burping! 

Filmed in the Netherlands, this man has apparently perfected the art of luring cows and herding them by letting out incredibly loud and bellowing burps - the sound of which might drive some people crazy.

It's not known how or why he started doing this, and he doesn't explain what sparked the idea that he could use his ability to let out supersonic burps to herd cows, but he does speak out on what his parents might think of his new found talent. 

"I went back with my camera into the fields had to make sure it really works on every group of cows," He writes on another video upload. "And yes it actually works I can now say that for parents must be proud!" 

When he steps up to the fencing, he first breathes in huge gulps of air and the cattle look at him like he's crazy, but when he lets out the very first thundering burp - the cows begin running alongside him!

Watch this both bizarre and hilarious video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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