Blue Collar Veteran Debuts Original Song In Sensational ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audition

It was Season 8 of America’s Got Talent that we were introduced to Jimmy Rose, a humble man from Pineville, Kentucky who previously served in the Marine Corps and had since reverted back to his original occupation as a coal miner.

Upon his personal interview prior to his nerve-racking performance on the big stage, Rose delves into the dangers he frequently encountered while underground. “Where I’m from…it’s either coal mines, the military, or you go to college,” he explains. 

He goes on to say, “It kind of made me think ‘If you’re going to risk your life, risk it for your country.'” With that notion, Rose joined the United States Marine Corps. It was this brave change of heart that led him on a ship that he would adequately learn to play the guitar.

“When you get shot at, you look at things a lot different. And look at life a lot different,” Rose says. He adds, “And to make it home from something like that, I feel fortunate to be able to chase my dream.”

At this point, Rose had yet to perform and viewers are already in love with this man who so boldly embodies what America is essentially all about. 

At last, in a pristinely ironed shirt, classic denim jeans, and a pair of boots to seal the southern deal, Rose graced the stage and is greeted by four judges and an eager audience. 

He respectively acknowledges the judges, gradually progressing into his raw performance. The stage set with a simple barstool, Rose begins to showcase his original song, conveying the struggle that small town coal miners endure while risking their lives to establish a living.

Receiving a standing ovation for his incredibly well-written and astounding performance, the former Marine gleams with pride at the outpour of encouragement. 

Rose went on to secure a third place position in that season of AGT, showcasing not only his talent, but his humble legacy. 

You can watch the audition that started it all below!

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