Bubba J Butchers The Lyrics To “Blinded By The Light, “My Heart Will Go On,” & More

Jeff Dunham/YouTube

Jeff Dunham’s puppet Bubba J is as redneck as they come. He loves Bud Light, had a white trash wedding, and unsuccessfully hit on Reba McEntire once.

Although Bubba J is a Southern boy born and bred, he does like all genres of music. In his latest appearance in Jeff Dunham’s YouTube channel, he is selling a compilation album called Free-Dumb Rock: Bubba J Sings The Hits.

In the infomercial-type video, the names of well-known songs roll across the screen, but with a Bubba J twist because, like the video says, “he messes up your favorite songs in the comfort of his own garage!

The songs featured include the record breaking mega-hit “Despacito,” which he changes to “Dat’s My Big Toe,” “Blinded By The Light” was changed to “Blinded By Bud Light,” and “Bubba Jean” instead of “Billie Jean.”

The new lyrics he creates are extremely comical, and quite catchy, and our favorite dead terrorist, Achmed even makes a hysterical cameo during Bubba J’s take on “Sound of Silence.”

One of the highlights was when he turned Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” into a song about how long the lines are at Walmart, called “My Line Does Go On.”

Watch the full video below for non-stop laughter and classic Bubba J one-liners! Which song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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