Bubba J Gets Hysterically Inappropriate In Wild UK Story

Bubba J Gets Hysterically Inappropriate In Wild UK Story | Country Music Videos

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Comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham took our favorite redneck puppet on quite the excursion around the world, as Bubba J was no shortage of hysterical stories and confusing experiences! As if the redneck’s trip to the United Kingdom wasn’t confusing enough, the puppet struggled to pronounce each letter of the country individually, mashing them together to pronounce “Uk”. “Oh, the UK,” Dunham corrected him. “Oh! You can spell,” a sarcastic Bubba J retorted to Dunham, clearly unable to understand the man’s comment was a correction and not a mockery.

Bubba J began to explain how his experience in Glasgow had been quite confusing, telling the audience, “Yesterday at lunch, my waitress asked me if I wanted some ‘tatties and neeps’. Then I said ‘yes’ and instead of taking off her top, she brought me food. The audience roared with laughter as Dunham’s face scrounged up in confusion at the puppet’s misconception. “It was the worst strip club I’d ever been to,” the puppet said. 

“Tatties and neeps and served with haggis,” Dunham explained to Bubba J, who somberly admitted, “Well, she didn’t show me that either.” However, the puppet was in high hopes as he confessed that their next pit stop was in Australia, where he would be able “to see down under”!  

We are truly grateful for this comedic gem! Check out the hysterical video below!  

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