Carrie Underwood Admits Truth About Being A Celebrity Mom

Carrie Underwood Admits Truth About Being A Celebrity Mom | Country Music Videos

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The Grammy-winning singer and champion of American Idol recently revealed that being famous and a mother isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be. 

Speaking with Today about motherhood, Carrie Underwood didn’t hesitate to get real about her life, and expose the truth behind all the glamour and shiny lights that many people think make up her day-to-day. 

She still has a few months to go on her Storyteller Tour and reveals that while her “job is weird” she’s lucky for being able to take Isaiah to work. 

“I’m fortunate because I get to have my little guy with me,” she confessed. “I was so concerned about going on tour and how it was all going to work. How am I going to be a mom? How am I going to do what I do? He’s learned how to hang with us and keep up. It’s been really wonderful having him out on the road.”

And while she doesn’t have a ‘normal’ job, and is a worldwide celebrity crossing the red carpet, she admits that life for her is very much ‘normal’ – especially when she’s home. 

“Sometimes I think people probably think it is [glamorous], but it’s real. I love that our house is a mess and there’s toys everywhere. I’m constantly trying to make it not a mess, but it is and that’s OK,” she added. “If I ever have to put jeans on that second I get home, the jeans come off. They’re too restricting. I want to put comfys on.”

 “I love that my life isn’t so glamorous.

Underwood also reveals that she’s just like any other parent trying to navigate life with a toddler and figure out how to be the best parent possible. “My job is just kind of weird and is a lot of being away from home.”

We love that Carrie Underwood is able to get down to business and just call things like they are – and her baby is so cute! We can’t wait for the second one she says they’re thinking about! 

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