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Carrie Underwood Shares Touching Song She Wrote Inspired By Her Father's Love

Carrie underwood Songs | Carrie Underwood Shares Touching Song She Wrote Inspired By Her Father's Love | Country Music Videos

Carrie Underwood's fans know that her love for her parents is a strong and special thing. In 2010 Underwood released a song she co-wrote called "Mama's Song", during which she sings to her mother, Carole, telling her she has no need to worry as she moves on through life. 

"Mama's Song" hit number two on the Billboard country charts, and thousands got the chance to hear about Underwood's love for her mother. Now, Underwood is giving fans that same chance to learn about her dad, Stephen.

Released as a track on her latest album, Storyteller, "The Girl You Think I Am" was co-written by Underwood with her father in mind. Underwood told People  she knows her father has a picture of her in his mind that is better than the person she sees herself as. She says her father's opinion of her is so high, he sees only the good in her. 

"He thinks I'm brave," she said. "He thinks I'm beautiful. He thinks I can do anything. He thinks I'm fearless. And he is my biggest fan."

Underwood's dad was her biggest fan long before she ever became famous. She recalled one memory from when she was 14, and how she had a bad day when a boy in her class teased her because of her makeup.

But later that evening, without knowing what had happened to Underwood at school that day, her dad said something that has stuck with her ever since:

"At dinner that night, for no reason at all, my dad told me that I looked really pretty. He had no clue about what happened that day, nor is he exactly the kind of guy to give out compliments like that freely. But those words turned a bad day into a really good one."

Because of the special relationship Underwood shares with her father, she says that "The Girl You Think I Am" is the song that is "most likely" to make her cry on Storyteller.

It's clear how much Underwood admires and respects her father, and according to the way she talks about him, he feels the same way about her. You can listen to touching song he helped inspire in the clip below.

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