Chris Pratt Gives Hysterical Lesson On How To Gut A Fish

Chris Pratt Gives Hysterical Lesson On How To Gut A Fish | Country Music Videos

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Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt had fishing fans in a streak of laughter with his incredibly sarcastic video that painfully addressed the steps of cleaning and gutting a fish. Shooting the funny segment for Vanity Fair, Pratt stood just beyond Lake Perris in California, manning a fishing rod and admirable sense of humor.

Titling his segment “How To Fillet A Fish”, the movie star mocked his store bought fish for the segment, sarcastically admitting, “I caught myself a sea bass, which probably sounds pretty crazy, considering that we’re about 150 miles inland.” 

The video continued to grow in comedy as Pratt hilariously butchered his fillet job on the once swimming creature. “Maybe you guys can fix it in the post to where it looks like I took the cheek meat out, okay?” he asked his crewmen before flopping the fish on the table and pretending to successfully remove the meat.

Viewers burst into laughter when Pratt finished his segment by saying, “And now I’m going to go ahead and release this guy and catch him again next year.” As the camera pans to the actor tossing the fish carcass back into the lake, Pratt added, “I’m always a catch and release fisherman.”

Be sure to check out the full skit below.  

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