Chuck Norris Stares A Man To Death In Fan-Edited ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Clip

Chuck Norris Stares A Man To Death In Fan-Edited ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Clip | Country Music Videos

In the most intense thing you’ll watch all day, Chuck Norris dominates the screen and kills a guy for even looking at him.

Okay, so this didn’t really happen during Norris’ longtime show Walker, Texas Ranger. A fan actually edited a clip from the series to make it look like Norris’ character Cordell Walker killed a man by just staring at him intensely.

In the clip, Walker starts off with a gun in his hand, staring a bad guy in the eye. They both walk out from behind the helicopter to face each other, Wild West Duel-style. They both drop their guns, implying they will be fighting each other with no weapons.

After they walk towards each other, the bad guy tells Walker, “I’ve been waiting 25 years for this,” to which Norris’ character says, “You’re gonna wish you waited longer.”

The intense scene is cut up by the fan so that we only see the camera go back and forth between the intense eye contact. All of a sudden the bad guy is bloody and on the ground. Moments later, he succumbs and dies right in front of Norris.

As most fans know, Walker, Texas Ranger often uses martial arts as the primary tool of law enforcement, so we can only assume that Walker won the fight, but the way the fan edited the scene, it looks as though his intense stare down did the trick!

Watch the video below.

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