Comedian Has Southerners In Stitches With Lee Greenwood Parody ‘I Love You, Chick-fil-a’

Comedian Has Southerners In Stitches With Lee Greenwood Parody ‘I Love You, Chick-fil-a’ | Country Music Videos

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Completely revamping Lee Greenwood‘s patriotic hit “God Bless The USA”, one comedian took his love for Chick-fil-a to a new extreme when he reconstructed the ballad to honor his favorite restaurant! Tim Hawkins had his audience in a laughing fit when he admitted that he had rewritten the tune in light of the Christian restaurant, cueing the intro to the uplifting anthem.

“If you lined up all the restaurants where I’ve eaten all my life/ Give me five bucks and some napkins/ A plastic fork, a plastic knife/ Then you gave me the choice to pick where I eat today/ That’s a real easy decision/ Well that’s not too tough to make,” the comedian sang before breaking into a praising chorus that has audience members in tears! 

It seems that waffle fries and sweet tea kept this comedian always coming back for more, as he admitted to his audience that he will “never forget the chickens who died” in order to ensure Hawkins was able to enjoy his meal! “There ain’t no doubt I love this place/ God bless you, Chick-fil-a.”

The audience howled with laughter as Hawkins wrapped up his routine and sent them off with a new parody and lots of chuckles. You can experience this one-of-a-kind performance below!   

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