Comedian Tim Hawkins Gives Twist To Jason Aldean Song With ‘Pretty Pink Tractor’

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Comedian Tim Hawkins is at it again with another hysterical parody of a country music favorite!

After his former skit of Carrie Underwood’s favorite hit “Jesus Take The Wheel” where he channeled his inner redneck with the fishing tune, “Cletus Take The Reel,” it was only a matter of time before this comical genius struck again!

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Pretty In Pink

Hawkins targeted country star Jason Aldean as his following victim, hijacking his flirtatious hit “Big Green Tractor.” Hysterically, he completely transformed the tune into his own original creation of “Pretty Pink Tractor.” The incredibly in-depth music video portrays a man who has finally run his trusty tractor into the ground as he grieves over his noble “Mean Green’s” grave.–PLWBbJaBNF6cEqCNaUYpY3ecCi7T0v8zlgKFsC_9YD8gTry3abKr_0zg-U6ijSVsU9UZ4bjfdX0uEROnRrnBljbS0HnlQmavNijON1O0F3qvJeHWqtKX7Gl8m77XHBAl2vtmfn0joExdS2VgOVBkvx9XSo0-kSzTvNCV42eayHcBHWez1kHWl3uuLfYQFRvN_rP2aNH2sdtnSO6ldCIBmWSjx7cKlYkH1EUGzXGCFH-GEy11gkNcXY7WvRLmNINQlOrQTjvkW5ByutQ1F5KwO7PMbIy85TI_WbdhgiuvCocQKPF4Yy7VO6AJMKGxeaLNJsDmXLD8g1KOSKV15h2khUJEZn9e4qsihuXkVkb06lk4tB6HTvZYNh-PEyDn4IRx11dbStUeVGQ8JjgK2p9CNOtXWa63TDbTi-m8GV&theater

Our heartbroken farmer begins to sing of his tragic loss, explaining that, upon no luck with locating a new piece of machinery uptown, he took his search to Craigslist. He sings,

“So I found a used tractor on Craigslist. There was no picture but I couldn’t resist. It seemed like a good deal but now I regret it. If you wanna know why go take a look at it.”

Hawkins begins to describe his tractor as “pretty and pink,” admitting that he is now the laughingstock of his friends!

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Perhaps the funniest description is the tractor’s Teletubby seat covers, as he compares his new wheels to “a redneck Sesame Street.”

The song continuously sends us into tears from laughter as Hawkins continues to delve into his very unfortunate situation!

Check out the hilarious music video below!

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