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Cowboy's Suspicious DUI Takes Hysterical Turn That Stuns Officer

Viral content Songs | Cowboy's Suspicious DUI Takes Hysterical Turn That Stuns Officer | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Robert Mudge Youtube

One cowboy had quite the night when his shaky driving led an officer to suspect that the man had been drinking and was clearly too intoxicated to be operating a vehicle. Upon pulling over the driver in his blue truck, the female officer cautiously approached the vehicle and asked the man how he was feeling. "I'm okay, how are you?" the man replies. Admitting to the driver that she is a bit skeptical because of his "weaving all over the road", the officer invites the man out of his car to take a few sobriety tests.  

After the man is perfectly capable of alternating fingers to and from his nose, the officer then asks the prospective drunk to recite the alphabet backwards and in full! To her dismay, the man was exceptionally well-versed with the song and absolutely knocked the test out of the park! "Remarkable. I've actually never seen anybody do that." 

The series of tests quickly turns into a hysterical dance routine in which this man, filled with surprise talents, not only imitates the officer's intricate dance routine, but showcases a bit of his own uncanny moves! "That was really good. You a dancer?" the cop asks the out of breath man. "No no no. I'm just drunk," the man admits, indirectly admitting to a DUI! The two begin to chuckle as the cop is left with no other choice than to arrest the man who definitely left her with a comical experience she'll never forget! Fortunately, this was not a genuine encounter but rather a hysterical clip from the show Reno 911

Watch it below and tell us what you thought!  

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