Crowd Laughs As Brad Paisley Sings Parody Version Of His Song “She’s Everything”

Crowd Laughs As Brad Paisley Sings Parody Version Of His Song “She’s Everything” | Country Music Videos

Late Night with Seth Meyers / YouTube

In 2006, Brad Paisley released what is arguably one of the most romantic songs in country music. Titled “She’s Everything,” Paisley co-wrote the sweet love song along with Wil Nance. Since then, “She’s Everything” has served as the backing track to many couples’ first dances at their wedding receptions.

When comedian and television host Seth Meyers and his wife got married in 2013, Meyers invited Paisley to come and play “She’s Everything” at their reception. He recalled this story when Paisley recently stopped by as a special guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The two laughed about the memory, as Meyers said that the most excited his wife was on their wedding day was when she saw Paisley. He held up a picture to prove his point to the audience, which showed his wife yelling with joy when she saw that Paisley was there.

Now that Meyers has been married for a few years, Paisley told him that he would likely relate to his “director’s cut” edition of “She’s Everything.” Always the comedian, Paisley said he sometimes enjoys changing up the lyrics to his songs to make them a little more humorous.

After grabbing a guitar stored behind his chair, Paisley burst out into his parody version of “She’s Everything,” which was a lot more comical than the original. In fact, this new version of “She’s Everything” hardly has a hint of romance at all!

Here are the altered lyrics that Paisley sang:

“She’s a yellow pair of running shoes, a holey pair of jeans, she looks great in cheap sunglasses, she’s a passive aggressive little thing. She’s almost everything I ever wanted, almost everything I need.”

The crowd got a good laugh out of that! We’re sure you’ll also be crackin’ up when you listen to Paisley’s parody of “She’s Everything” in the clip below.

We wonder if Paisley has put a comedic spin on any of his other songs? If so, we have to hear those!

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