Dale Jr.’s Wife Finally Makes Decision About Letting Him Race In The Clash

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NASCAR‘s most popular driver recently qualified for one of the year’s biggest races, but left the decision up to his wife about whether or not he would be participating in it. 

After winning the pole position during his recent race at Daytona International Speedway, Dale Earnhardt Jr. qualified to compete in next year’s “Clash” event – but there’s only one problem: it would be after he had officially retired, and his wife, Amy, has been on the fence about it. 

Dale Jr. has had a bumpy last few seasons. He missed half of 2016 due to some serious concussion issues and announced his retirement midway through 2017. Needless to say, he is very much open to running in The Clash, but said he needed to clear it back at home first. 

“Amy doesn’t want me to run it,” Dale Jr. said at a NASCAR Hall of Fame event. “I’ve got a pole and kind of want to run it. But we’ll see if she warms up to it.” 

Once the media picked up that statement, fans were cheering him on and begging Amy to let him compete in the season-opener event. She got enough feedback about the whole thing that she decided to issue a public statement expressing her opinion on letting him race in the clash. 

I’ve received many comments on Dale Jr. running the 2018 Clash, based on whether or not I give my blessing,” She wrote on Twitter. “Considering his struggles last fall with his injury, we are very blessed that he is now healthy, happy, & able to enjoy his final season…and hopefully many years beyond racing. So my answer is simple. It’s not worth the risk of his health.”



Her decision is understandable and truly comes from a place of love and care for her husband and his health. 

What do you think about Dale Jr. racing in the 2018 Clash and Amy’s decision about it? Let us know in the comments. 

Check out Dale Jr.’s live video broadcast about his race at New Hampshire in the video below. 

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