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Disabled Horse Paints For Disabled Veterans In What You Must See To Believe

Disabled Horse Paints For Disabled Veterans In What You Must See To Believe | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Nancy Powers YouTube Channel

Ever heard the quote "Hay is for horses"? Well, apparently painting is on that list, as well. Now, before you completely say "neigh" to the idea, we'd like to introduce you to Tuck! This handsome fella is a retired show horse who, after one hell of a life, grew into his old age and was later classified as disabled due to his inability to carry riders in light of his weakening ligaments in his hind legs. Tuck was forced to take a break from the high life. That was, until now! 

Photo Credit: Nancy Powers

Tuck is an artist! Called The Painting Horse of the West, he has been creating colorful masterpieces for a couple years now, which have been sold to various buyers in which their proceeds have gone to a notable charity, Ride For Joy. This incredible program offers therapy to veterans with routine horseback rides, as they assist in both mental and physical benefits. Tuck and his lifelong best friend Nancy Powers donate 50% of their profit from Tuck's artwork, using the remaining sum for new art supplies to continue on with their creations!

Powers has been caring for Tuck since he was a foal, essentially training him during his previous competition days. It was when Powers became aware that Tuck was very skilled at picking objects up with his mouth that she got a seemingly impossible, yet creative, idea. She gradually trained Tuck, step by step, until he eventually was able to master gripping a paint brush in his mouth for extended periods and moving his head to create an abstract image.

“He loved it so much,” Powers told PEOPLE. She goes on to humorously explain how Tuck will often try to paint his stall from time to time!

Tuck and Powers' exceptional support, according to a Ride For Joy director, has helped the healing process for 15 veterans. 

The duo has raised around $3,500 since selling roughly 100 original pieces. 

“It’s been a huge blessing to have Tuck in my life," Powers says. While Tuck has continued to be a blessing for her, he is now becoming a blessing to others, as well! 

Check out the video below to see Tuck in action! 

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