Dog Refuses To Leave Park With Owner

Dog Refuses To Leave Park With Owner | Country Music Videos

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One golden retriever wasn’t ready for his outing to end, laying himself on the ground and refusing to even flinch when his owner struggled to move the beast!

As the dog’s owner began to wrap up their visit, this furry friend was anything but ready to leave the hallowed grounds of his favorite park. Throwing himself onto the ground, the pup made his furry body go limp as his human tried to get the dog to his feet (unsuccessfully).


After attempting to lift the dog by his paws and gently pull on his leash, the man began to look for nearby sticks to entice the dog into a game of fetch…but we aren’t sure the dog was going to fall for it.

Although finding a small twig, the dog was much more interested in lying still and waiting for the man to bring the object near his mouth, in which he would quickly snag the makeshift toy between his chompers.


Producing a creative twist, the man found a much larger stick and placed it between his own teeth. After witnessing the strange task, the dog was more than interested and jumped to his feet to follow his owner.


The two trotted off, leaving everyone who witnessed this with a hysterical memory they surely cannot forget!

Watch this funny temper tantrum at the dog park below!

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