Elderly Couple Competes In Swing Dance Competition

Elderly Couple Competes In Swing Dance Competition | Country Music Videos

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One elderly couple shot down stereotypes when their swing dance had their audience on their feet, screaming and cheering with excitement and surprise!

Competing in a dance competition in Germany, these two clearly put on their dancing shoes as they brought down the dance floor with their spins, steps, and unstoppable energy!

Giving an entirely reversed definition to the word “old,” these dancers were anything but, as their youthful spirits took over their bodies and brought this dance style back to life! With an extra pep in each step, both dancers had the audience cheering after every move.

As their compilation of show stopping moves came to an end, the dancing stars closed out their routine with a series of spins, giving their audience an extra boost of excitement.

Check out the insane performance below!

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