Elvis Presley & Glen Campbell Dueting ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’ Will Give You Chills

Elvis Presley & Glen Campbell Dueting ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’ Will Give You Chills | Country Music Videos

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It was a manipulated performance between two groundbreaking music icons that treated fans and followers worldwide to a duet that could’ve been if not for the untimely death of one of these prominent figures. 

Glen Campbell had roughly one year on Elvis Presley, who died in his Tennessee estate at the age of 42. Both musicians lived iconic lifestyles and broke incredible barriers during their reign, setting the musical bar extremely high for upcoming artists attempting to reach their platform.

Both Presley and Campbell, in their extravagant lifetimes, previously performed a cover of Hank Williams‘ hit “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”. The two, said to have talked highly of Williams, often used  him as inspiration. After all, Williams was, in fact, the original owner of a pair of pristine, blue suede shoes, which are currently on exhibit at the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. 

Well, thanks for a compilation video created by a fan, we, the helpless country romantics, are able to get a rough idea of what a duet between the two legends would have sounded like! Using footage from Presley’s past performance and Campbell’s various moments on a spotlit stage, what “could have been” indirectly becomes what we’ve always wanted, and its is everything we dreamed it would be! 

Click the video below to watch two legends take forces to give a breathtaking rendition of Williams’ “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”!

Miracles really do happen! 

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