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Fearless Bullfighter Backflips Over Angry Bull In Mind-Blowing Video

Fearless Bullfighter Backflips Over Angry Bull In Mind-Blowing Video | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Youtube/Rolo Tamase

That is one brave bullfighter! Facing off against a blood-thirsty bull, a fearless bullfighter by the name of Dusty Tuckness back flipped over the four-legged beast running towards him to evade the animal's wrath during a rodeo in Colorado. 

While most would run screaming at the site of a large bull charging towards them at full speed, this brave fighter laughed in the face of danger. When the bull came exceedingly close to Tuckness, the athlete impressively back flipped over the animal, successfully evading the bull. 

"Come on Colorado, you don't see that every day!" said the bewildered announcer. 

The bull successfully taken on by Tuckness is a purebred Mexican fighting bull by the name of Ebola. If the goal of being a bullfighter is to get as close as possible to a bull without getting run over, than this guy just may be the best in the business. 

You can watch it all go down below!

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