Find Out Bubba J’s Hysterical Three Wishes After He Meets A Magic Genie

Find Out Bubba J’s Hysterical Three Wishes After He Meets A Magic Genie | Country Music Videos

Jeff Dunham/YouTube


Comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has been making us laugh for many years now. He has introduced several puppets to his fans, but our absolute favorite is Bubba J, the redneck puppet!

We relate to him on many levels. He loves NASCAR, Reba McEntire, and drinking beer, and we love all those things, too! Bubba J doesn’t only make appearances at Dunham’s live comedy shows, he also graces us with his presence on the comedian’s YouTube channel.

In this particular video, Bubba J tells Dunham that he found a “magic oil can” and that when he rubbed it, a genie came out, telling him he would be granted three wishes.

When Dunham asked him if he knew what he was going to wish for, Bubba J said, “Yeah, I wish I had that Lamborghini I saw last week!

A cloud of smoke and a red sports car appeared out of nowhere and Bubba J looked pretty satisfied. To his surprise, Dunham told him it wasn’t actually a Lamborghini. It was a Volkswagen Sterling.

For some reason, Bubba J then wished Dunham had the same car and poof! Another Sterling appeared.

Don’t waste your third wish,” Dunham warned him and Bubba J assured his friend that he would not.

In true Bubba J fashion, he accidentally wastes his third wish on something we’re sure Dunham wasn’t too happy about. Watch the video below to find out Bubba J’s hysterical third wish!

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