Flashback To Roy Clark’s Hysterical Prank On Glen Campbell

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Hee Haw host and noted musician Roy Clark sure pulled a fast one on country legend Glen Campbell, sitting him down for a mock interview that took a hilarious turn. 

Utilizing the country star’s birthday as his date for tomfoolery, Clark invited Campbell to his recording studio in which the crooner was expected to have a satellite interview with an Australian personality eager for answers. However, the Australian bloke by the name of “Jack Reynolds” was nothing more than Clark behind the studio walls with a microphone that disguised his voice.

The interview started off quaint, as Campbell revealed his excitement to co-host the upcoming ACM awards with fellow stars Loretta Lynn and Janie Fricke. However, things took a comical turn when Clark used his platform to make the interview strictly about himself in the 3rd person!

“Glen, why do you always refer to Mel Tillis as the greatest entertainer in the world? What about Roy?,” he asked.

Campbell burst into laughter as he admitted, “Well it’s a different kind of entertainment. Roy does it with his guitar, and Mel does it with his m-m-mouth. [But] they are both great, as you know.”

Clark was far from finished, pressing on to ask, “For the HBO show that celebrated your 25 years in show business, you had guest stars like Kris Kristofferson, Mel Tillis, Johnny Cash, [and] Anne Murray. Where was Roy Clark? Wasn’t he there?” Campbell, once again, was overcome with laughter as he struggled to find his answer.

However, before the icon could respond, Clark because to reference the star’s decision to name his children after influential icons, quickly adding, “Well, if Roy Clark is such a good friend of yours, why didn’t you name a son after him?”

It was then that the prankster reached his limit and secretly made his way onto the stage with Campbell to share his diabolical surprise. As expected, the legend was taken aback by the mock interview, although admitting he had his skepticism when Clark’s name began to overthrow the conversation. 

We’re glad Campbell was able to take the joke and keep his cool! Be sure to watch the prank below! 

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