Footage Shows Heartwarming Surprise On Indy Feek’s First Birthday With Joey

Footage Shows Heartwarming Surprise On Indy Feek’s First Birthday With Joey | Country Music Videos

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Joey Feek, the bright smile and larger than life personality behind country music duo Joey & Rory, passed away back in April of this year, leaving all who were graced with her talent in devastation. However, while family, friends, and fans were left with a hole in their hearts, Joey’s daughter Indiana was left without a mother shortly after her second birthday.

Hearts broke for the little girl and now widower father, the love of Joey’s life, Rory, whom was now given the task of raising his child without the lovely woman who had help create her.

Rory has continued to speak out on his strength gifted to him by his endearing wife, as he has also remained in high spirits about being blessed with such an amazing gift from Joey, their daughter.

Rory released a heartwarming clip recorded on the morning of Indie’s first birthday in February of 2015. A beaming and chipper Joey greets a playful Indie with a sweet “Good morning, birthday girl!” Indie kicks her feet that are tightly cupped in her little hands, eager to see her mother! Joey continues to ask Indie,

“Are you ready to get up? Guess what Jesus brought you.”

Joey begins to tell Indie that Jesus has brought her “snow and ice” for her birthday, evoking an adorable shriek from Indie’s mouth and sending her legs wild with kicks! Joey picks up her then 1-year-old daughter and brings her to the lit window to see the frosty gift.

The scene comes from the heartbreaking movie “To Joey, With Love”, a film that her husband Rory had compiled for her after her death. The film’s final encore will take place tomorrow is various theaters. 

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