Garth Brooks Gives Unimaginable Confession About His Biggest Hit Song

Garth Brooks Gives Unimaginable Confession About His Biggest Hit Song | Country Music Videos

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Country music legend Garth Brooks has had one hell of a career, recently snagging the prestigious title of most received Diamond Awards from the classic band The Beatles upon earning his 7th victory! 

The “Rodeo” singer sat down with host Bobby Bones on his widely loved radio show to reveal a big surprise that had fans and listeners floored! Brooks began to tell Bones about his former gigs in which him and his band would publicly play music from his second album titled “No Fences”, although the album had yet to be released at the time. Brooks recalls a specific hit that he played nearly a year before being blind-sided that the specific song had been pitched to fellow country singer Mark Chesnutt, whom fell in love with the hit! Chesnutt had even recorded and cut the song to be released on his next album! 

A frantic Brooks began making calls. He emphasized that his goal was to bring new music to his fans, explaining to Bones, “If you’re telling us that this isn’t our first single, then we can’t put it on the record.” 

Fortunately, Chesnutt agreed that this specific song rightfully belonged to Brooks, but expressed that if Brooks happened to change his mind before releasing the song, he would gladly take it.

“The song was a little song called “Friends In Low Places,” Brooks told the radio station, which immediately erupts in sounds of disbelief!

“It scared me to death because we lived in the clubs with that song!” Brooks laughingly admitted he doesn’t believe he would have had a career without the mega hit!

Watch the full interview below!

Garth Could've Not Happened Part 1: Friends In Low Places

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